Friday was another busy day. The breaking news rumor from the night before broke Friday morning. We were all over it and the phone calling process began all over again but this time, we had an official release as a base to go off of. It was fun to work on this and the calls and experience was definitely interesting considering the night before, everything was being hushed up for no clear reason and then they sent out a release at 9 a.m. the next morning. It was odd, but it was fun to track all this stuff down in the Musgrove story.

The legal fees story turned into my primary work for the day though. That was more of the same. Calling, leaving messages and waiting for calls or emails back. Saturday morning, a source from the story said we were wrong about him having to pay the number presented. We would be wrong if we said explicitly that he had to pay it. I never wrote that he had to pay it. It’s heavily alluded to, but it’s not said. This is an ongoing issue for the time being I guess.

The basketball story was an easy way to start the weekend. After the long week covering a bunch of stuff I had never covered before, it was good to just relax and go cover a basketball game. It was a great game too which made it more satisfying. Though I had to walk to Hickman. I’m just glad it was at Hickman because it’s within walking distance….I need an effing car I think. This story was also another centerpiece one for sports.





Busy day. A busy day that didn’t start out that busy but transformed itself as the day waned on.

Throughout the day, I was working on two small tasks: getting in contact with Steven Sapp, the city’s Community Relations manager, to answer a few questions about the Sanders trial and to find out information on the interim city manager’s memo request seeking candidates to fill the void that is Columbia’s police chief position right now.

I wasn’t having too much luck hearing back from Sapp but in the meantime, I wrote up the little thing on MU wrestling’s Daniel Lewis being named the MAC Wrestler of the Week. This was just a good thing that came up on Twitter because it got me to produce at least something while I was waiting on Sapp’s response.

During the waiting period, Keegan also asked me if I wanted to do the Local Roundup again, so later on in the night, I did that too.

But not before I finally heard back from Sapp. This is where things got interesting.

He couldn’t answer my questions about the Sanders trial just yet but he helped me out by sending the memo that the city manager sent about a new police chief. I had just finished writing that story when word broke from KMIZ that the Deputy City Manager was leaving his job.

We got to work right away to try and confirm this. I went back to Sapp and I didn’t get a response. I called a Council member and she said that she and the rest of the Council hadn’t seen nor heard anything about the situation. I called the mentioned Deputy City Manager on his office and personal number and didn’t get a response. Then I called the main help line for City Hall and I was being iced on hold until finally being put through to someone who said “we’re not making a comment at this time,” which is one of the worst things to hear.

We then tried to call the mayor without any luck.

We were deciding on whether or not we wanted to ride the coattails of KMIZ but decided against it. We knew the situation was fishy but we didn’t want to cannonball in on the situation without solid grounding first. We’ll see what happens moving forward.

This whole situation was cool though because it was a journalistic rush. Though we ended up not getting any information to go on, it felt cool trying to crack that egg.

1/1 & 1/2




Happy New Year all.

I spent the entirety of New Year’s Day writing up the two larger stories that ended up posting on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, I added to each story by accuracy checking everything. The Nic Reynolds feature is my first true focused feature in a while. My football stories can be considered features however, it’s been a while since I wrote a real profile feature.

It was great to get that done and it was cool because Reynolds was the first basketball player I had ever interviewed during my reporting last year. So, to tell his story this year was kinda cool. I also made centerpiece again writing this.

After that, the Gans Creek Cross Country story isĀ  about development plans. One member of the Parks Department was extremely helpful in getting back to me with information on the development plans.

The Missouri Athletics department was not. I waited to get a call back for what felt like eons. All I needed answered was like 3 simple questions and it took hours just to get a callback.

After I did get a callback, I was able to get the information quickly. Then, when I thought all was well I got another call from a different member of the Parks department during my walk home. He thought I was fabricating information. Though the information he said I was fabricating was on a document that the Parks department had sent out.

I called Scott and my article ended up being published so obviously he worked some magic with the guy to figure the whole thing out.

It was pretty frustrating but it was good to get both of these stories out after making multi-day processes out of both.

I also wrote the Local Briefs which was solely made up of Rock Bridge wrestling in a Tri-Dual. This was just easy to do but only because somebody was actively tweeting about this meet. I was able to mine information from the tweets to write it while already at home for the night.






A very busy Monday morning had me doing the most work of the break so far for me. Not only did I do a local news story about a donation campaign. I also covered the Columbia College basketball game and came up with a feature idea from that game.

I’ve never had more than two stories on my mind at once. But today, I had like 5. It was nuts but I pulled it all together and made it work.

Before the day really got started, Scott updated my crime reports from yesterday with the latest information. He allowed me to peek over his shoulder so I understood how to update an ongoing story like that.

Then, he assigned me to the campaign story. I got great sources and interviews for the CoMoGives story with the help from Scott. Scott also edited my story and helped fill in the holes while I was covering the Columbia College game.

The Columbia College game came into fruition with a few texts between Michael and I. We weren’t originally planning on covering it but it was something for me to do sports-wise, so I did. From that texting exchange though, Michael told me to come up with a feature idea on top of the gamer.

While writing the CoMoGives story and working up my approach for Columbia College, I was simultaneously writing a sports brief about the Mizzou baseball team’s high GPA for the fall semester.

Today was absolutely crazy because I accomplished everything I was told to do and more. It feels really good and it also feels good to have taken all that on the run and still made it all work.





On the 30th, I worked my weekend GA shift. I had already been assigned to work the women’s basketball game later in the day but during my time in the morning, I wrote up a couple of briefs on a double-homicide in Moberly and a rape-arrest in Columbia with the guidance of Sky.

I called both police departments to get word or any further confirmation before writing up the briefs. It was kind of odd to make a shift from arrests and criminal investigations to women’s basketball in one day but I made it work and it was fun.

The women’s basketball game was awesome. It was a blast to cover and there were a bunch of storylines in the game so the story practically wrote itself. I live-tweeted the game and included some of those tweets into the story. I also made centerpiece again for a bit yesterday. Today (the 31st), it’s all football. But it was cool to be the centerpiece again after this game.

12/28 & 12/29



Friday night, I did more of the same from Thursday night. I worked GA and I was able to put together a package on the quotes that we received from Liberty Bowl practice again. I also embedded tweets that showed each team visiting St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

The Local Roundup was actually the hardest part of the night because when something’s not covered, it’s very hard to find information about something. I couldn’t find very much with the Hickman girls basketball game and that definitely shows in the roundup. Tolton basketball and Hickman wrestling were more successful finds because people actually covered them and there were viable tweets out there with the information I needed. There’s a reason it’s a roundup and not a full-fledged story but it’s nicer to have at least some sort of box score for a basketball game, even if it’s a slaughter fest.


Saturday, I wrote my first Mizzou women’s basketball story. I got the opportunity to go out to practice on the awfully cold day that was Friday and I interviewed the players and coach.

They knew that I was new covering them but they were all really nice and that helped the situation mightily.

I’m covering the game on Sunday so to be able to write the preview definitely helps how I’ll cover the game.

I thought the “dog mentality” mentioned was a nice tidbit that I was able to go off on and include throughout the story. I also inserted in the Game Information box that’s showing up on web. This also got chosen as an Editor’s Pick.